How to Configure Health Checks for Individual Agents

  • KM03153929
  • 01-May-2018
  • 01-May-2018


How to Configure Health Checks for Individual Agents


1.    Open the properties of the monitored nodes that you want to configure:

1.    Navigate to Monitored Nodes:

Administration > Setup and Maintenance > Monitored Nodes

Alternatively, click Monitored Nodes.

2.    Make sure a node filter (from any of the filter categories) is selected in the Node Views browser. Alternatively, select a node group.

c.    Select the node and click   Edit. The Monitored Node Properties dialog box opens. Click the Health Check tab.

To configure multiple nodes at once, hold down the Ctrl or Shift key while selecting them. Then click  Edit. The Edit Health Check Configuration dialog box opens.

2.    The values for Health Check Configuration indicate the current health check configuration of the agent:

a.    Off disables health checking for the system. The agent continues to send heartbeat events but the gateway server discards them. No further processing takes place.

b.    Default means that the default settings from the infrastructure settings are used.

·        Custom enables you to override the default settings.

3.    In Health Check Type, configure the type of health check you want to perform:

·        Agent Only configures the agent to send heartbeat events at a regular interval.

·        Agent & Server configures the server to actively check the health of the agent if a heartbeat event does not arrive within the configured timeout.

4.    Set the Agent Heartbeat Interval. This is the interval at which the agent sends heartbeat events to the server.

The server creates a deployment job each time the Agent Heartbeat Interval is changed. For more information about deployment jobs, see Deployment Jobs.

5.    Set the Agent Heartbeat Grace Period. This is the period that the server allows before generating an agent problem event or, if Agent & Server checking is enabled before contacting the agent.

The server expects to receive a heartbeat event from the agent within the time period defined by the Agent Heartbeat Interval plus the Heartbeat Grace Period.