Raw Results are in "Pending Creating Analysis" for long time

  • KM03153745
  • 30-Apr-2018
  • 30-Apr-2018


After run a test, collation is working fine but the analysis task stuck on "Pending creating Analysis" for a long time. There is not any task or process running on the Data Processor machine. The Raw Results can be downloaded from Performance Center and analyse them manually.


From the ALM log you can see the following error message:

"failed to update the Entity LAB_RESERVATIONS #xxx after creation, removed it "

From the PC log you can see the following error message:

"....ERROR HP.PC.BL.Reservations.ReservationFacadeBL - Failed to execute the newfordp command, duration: 30, numOfHosts: 1, name: pcadmin, initialHostRuntimeState: Data Processing, qcRunId: 2685, operation: Analyzing [Context: 90a1fbe1-ac52-4dcc-be54-55ef0c2f7ed5] [FullContext: QCServer:http://alm:8080/qcbin UserName:_pc_system_ Domain:xxx Project:xxx]..."


So this issue happens when we are using  a project with versioning enabled and before run the test it was not "Check-in"


The workaround is "Check-in" the scenario before run the test, then we were able to analyse the Raw Results from Performance Center.