Warning DbReorgNeeded

  • KM03152258
  • 26-Apr-2018
  • 26-Apr-2018

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Warning 06/06/1944 12:30 OMNITRIG DbReorgNeeded "[138:724] Bloat of the table dp_catalog_object_datastream detected." This warning is not uncommon and is due merely to a weekly check run by omnitrig. The command run by omnitrig is omnidbutil -chkreorg which is a bloat check. The bloat check, or reorganization check will create a notification if fragmented indexes or bloated tables are found. The notification suggests that a database reorganization is needed. Tables and indexes become bloated or fragmented or both over the course of time. However, that does not mean that a reorganizing action needs to be performed. Generally, the postgres logs do not require reorganization nor bloat removal procedures because autovacuum performs a removal process continuously as needed. The -chkreorg variable is a tool that verifys the correlation between the column values' order and their physical order. Unfortunately, due to its scrupulous manner it considers near-zero correlation to be fragmentation and reports it as such. Wth busy, active databases it is unrealistic to expect columns to be highly correlated to the physical order on the disk because they would have to be highly correlated among themselves. "Physically reordering the table by one column order would disorder the table for other columns. High correlation is only useful for queries returning large result sets where we'd want sequential table scan to result in a nearly sequential disk read to maximize I/O throughput. However, this is not the typical query scenario in DP - the typical query scenario is an index scan returning a small result set." It is recommended to check the postgres logs and run an IDB check (omnidbcheck -extended) to make sure there is no corruption. You may choose to also run an IDB backup. If you choose to reorganize the index you may run omnidbutil -reindex -index Overall, if your IDB is in good order and your backups and restores are running without a hitch you may ignore this warning or you may set a variable in the Global file that will allow you to disable the database reorganization check, and in turn, disable the warning. DisablePeriodicDbReorgCheck=0 or 1 default: 0



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