Options for retrieving data from all users

  • KM03152119
  • 26-Apr-2018
  • 26-Apr-2018

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


Several options exist now for customers who want to "get a copy" of the latest data protected by Connected Backup for all users. This article outlines those options.


When Connected Backup customers ask to get the data protected for all accounts, three options are available.


1. Manual Agent restore is the most natural method, resulting in unencrypted, user data files, saved to the user's selected location. If preferred, the Connected Technician can conduct these restores for all users after first recovering the backup account to a PC / Mac designated for this purpose -- in which case, the account should first be placed on-hold to ensure no backups occur from that "restore" system.

2. Multiple media orders can be placed, but this is valid for PC backup accounts only and results in encrypted archive files on media so end-user data must be restored via Media Agent executable, located on disc-1 of the media.

(a) When using the Subscription Service, ordering media for all users is referred to as a "Bulk Media Order" and a single support case is needed to set expectations for purchase with Sales Account Manager and initiate the order with Operations team.

(b) Licensed customers need to setup their own DataBundler installation per the provided documentation. So a support case may be helpful for advice when getting started.

3. As of release 8.9, the Bulk Data Retrieve Tool (BDRT) is generally available and described in the "HPE Connected Bulk Data Retrieve Tool" User Guide.

  • The Bulk Data Retrieve Tool (BDRT) uses the Connected agent command-line tools to autonomously retrieve files, in bulk, from multiple accounts and place those files on a specified network Windows machine. This enables you to retrieve the latest revision of all files from a list of accounts with minimal interaction, and without having to; manually interact with the Agent software, restore with limitations of the MyRoam web app, nor order media in bulk.
  • BDRT restore results in unencrypted, end-user data – as opposed to the encrypted archives you receive when buying Media Orders.
  • To be fair, although the BDRT software is freely available you under maintenance contract, using it will require at least one workstation and a trusted IT staff member to administer the restore procedure for all accounts.