Flow Step details missing from the Central Run Explorer tab

  • KM03150455
  • 23-Apr-2018
  • 23-Apr-2018

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Flow Step details missing from the Central Run Explorer tab. Database engine used is Oracle.



Suddenly Run Explorer is not showing the step details information. You may see that, for recent executed flows the information related to step details is shown partially. For new flow executions, the step details may not show up at all. This is most likely because OO is not writing the information of new flow executions to the OODB.

Moreover, you will see the error below when checking the logs:

Caused by: java.sql.BatchUpdateException: ORA-01653: unable to extend table OO_STEP_LOG_BINDINGS by <Number> in tablespace <TableSpaceName>


The table consuming most of the database disk space is the OO_STEP_LOG_BINDINGS.  This table contains all inputs and results of all run steps 

which have already ended. There is a separate entry per input/result.
Values of some inputs or results might be BLOBs. In case there are worker failures and recoveries during a run, some steps will be duplicated, together with all their bindings, which will affect the table growth. So the table size and implicit database size does not depend on the flow complexity, but rather is a function of the number of actual steps and number of inputs/results and their size. A very simple flow having a loop and large input/results can cause the table to grow faster than a more complex flow.

With the above mentioned, the tablespace for the OO_STEP_LOG_BINDINGS table ran out, causing the ORA-01653 error.




The solution for this issue is to increase the OO_STEP_LOG_BINDINGS tablespace or if the table is huge, you can truncate the OO_STEP_LOG* tables.

Note: Notice that if you choose to truncate the OO_STEP_LOG* tables, part of the flow historical data will be removed from the OODB.