Data Protector 9.09 Lotus Incremental backup issues

  • KM03140696
  • 11-Apr-2018
  • 17-Apr-2018


Incremental backups of Lotus integration fail with error "5063: Function not supported for pre-R5 format databases "


When running incremental backup of Lotus Domino via the Lotus Online integration, the following error can be seen:

5063: Function not supported for pre-R5 format databases


Domino has the ability to log transactions against one or more Domino databases (Release 5 and later). If transaction logging is enabled on the server, all Domino R5 (and later) format databases are logged by default unless logging is disabled for the database by the administrator, or the database is not in the Domino or Notes data path. Earlier database versions will not support transaction logging.

For refrence please see: