Is there a Server-side autorelease option in AutoPass Server for UFT clients?

  • KM03127482
  • 21-Mar-2018
  • 21-Mar-2018


Steps to configure APLS LicenseAutoReleaseInterval at Server-side


Newest versions of Autopass have the feature for configure license auto release timeout on server side.


In order to configure LicenseAutoReleaseInterval at "Client side", please refer to below KM article:

What is the LicenseSettings.xml file used on Autopass licensing?



These steps/configurations are only supported on specific versions of UFT and Autopass License Server. Meaning that user will

need to make sure that the integration UFT-APLS is supported for using this configuration:

Feature is only working in UFT 14.02 and later versions and when using APLS 9.3.2 and later versions.


See below integration matrix:

APLS Version

UFT Version




14.02, 14.03

Key not used; Autorelease not working.

Expected. Autorelease was implemented in APLS 9.3.2 and newer versions.


14.02, 14.03

Autorelease from server is working.



14.02, 14.03

Autorelease from server is working.



Steps to configure license auto release interval at Server side:

1 - Navigate to the server data folder - ‘C:\ProgramData\HP\HP AutoPass License Server\AutoPass\LicenseServer\data\conf’
2- Edit the ‘HPE UFT.xml’ file (Make sure to modify HPE UFT.xml).
3- Add the following key before </properties> tag closes in mentioned file.
   <entry key="autorelease.interval">2</entry>
4- Restart the APLS service.



The line:

<entry key="autorelease.interval">2</entry>

Defines the number of minutes, with no keyboard or mouse input, after which UFT or LeanFT releases the currently used concurrent license. So in above example license will be realeased after 2 minutes with no keyboard or mouse input.