OO Pod becoming "stale" (going offline)

  • KM03122100
  • 20-Mar-2018
  • 30-Apr-2021


OO container not working properly in a consistent manner, it will go offline. Flows will not run properly.


HCM OO pod (HCM OO container image) not working correctly. Flows not running properly sometimes.


When a container doesn't work correctly in a sustainable level, the issue might be related to a failure during the HCM installation process(in this particular case, the OO container image).

How to confirm that the portion related to the OO container failed during the HCM installation?

See below:

  1. Check the hcm_config.log and look for a message similar to the one below:
    • ERROR InstallExecutionService:436 - The deployments have failed for step Orchestration, stopping the installation.
    • ERROR InstallExecutionService:137 - Installation step: Orchestration has failed.  Stopping installation.
    • ERROR InstallExecutionService:145 - The installation has failed, marking final status as failed.


  1. Uninstall HCM following the instructions on the link below:
  2. Redownload the HCM containers to the Docker image library:
    • Commands to use:

cd /opt/kubernetes/scripts

./downloadimages.sh -o hpeswitom -s hcm -c on

         3.Reinstall HCM, the link below has the instructions to install: