Failed to install HCM Suite

  • KM03115340
  • 10-Mar-2018
  • 10-Mar-2018

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Failed to install HCM Suite at the Cloud Governance step


An error when trying to install HCM Ultimate Suite following these steps
I have already installed CF and when the error appear in the Cloud Governance step of the suite.
The error is related to the costpolicy step, it gives a"liquibase: Waiting for changelog lock...." loop until the 15 minutes limit is reached and stop all the install.


  1. Make sure the requirements for HCM 2017.11 installation are met.
  2. When checking the hcm_config.log you will see the error below at some point of the installation related to the Cloud Governance Step:
    • ERROR InstallExecutionService:139 - Installation step: Cloud Governance has failed.  Stopping installation.
      ERROR InstallExecutionService:147 - The installation has failed, marking final status as failed.
  3. Check the hcm-costpolicy.log file and confirm if the message below appears:
    • 2018-01-03 16:52:24.754  INFO 459 --- [main] liquibase                                : Waiting for changelog lock....
  4. If the message on point #3 shows up, then apply the fix described on the link below: