Oracle Scripts failing on BPM 9.40

  • KM03114315
  • 08-Mar-2018
  • 08-Mar-2018


Oracle scripts failing after upgrading to BPM 9.40


After upgrading to BPM 9.40 from any previous version, oracle scripts started to fail with the following errors:

Action.c(25): Error: lrdo_ora8_fetch: "OCIStmtFetch" return-code=OCI_ERROR, error-code=24374:
Action.c(25): Error:     ORA-24374: define not done before fetch or execute and fetch
Action.c(25): lrd_ora8_fetch: ERROR, return-code=LRDE2009.  StmtHandle=OraStm1, 0 row(s) fetched
Abort was called from an action.


The problem is cause by the TCP breakdown. LoadRunner Agent version used on this BPM has no implementation of TCP breakdown and it is activated on BPM configuration for Oracle protocol.


Disable TCP Breakdown for oracle protocol on BPM agent config.

Modify the file \ProgramData\HP\BPM\config\agent1.cfg

Search for the option “AdvancedTcpBdSupportedProtocols” and removed “Oracle” from that line

Save the file and restart BPM service.