SiteScope 11.33 integration with BSM 9.2x, APM 9.30 and OMi 10.12 require redeployment of SITESCOPE.ZIP package

  • KM03113610
  • 07-Mar-2018
  • 07-Mar-2018

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided "as is" for your convenience.




With Sitescope release 11.33 and onwards, you will need to redeploy the package from the SiteScope 11.33 install bits.


The attached README, the corresponding packages are found in ..:\Sitescope 11.33\SiteScopePackages


For Omi , for example , one will need to unzip the “” which will give you the file.



Then follow the instructions in the README.TXT for its deployment. When it’s done you should see this message:


Mbean: UCMDB:service=Packaging Services. Method: deployPackages


Operation parameters :

{Operation name=deployPackages, Customer id=1, Packages directory=, Packages names=[], Override custom changes=true}.

Operation took 39 seconds.Results:


******** 125 deployed resources : ********



******** ********