SMA installation errors CPU insufficient and itsmaconfig page hanging with message Initialize Data Loading

  • KM03110275
  • 05-Mar-2018
  • 05-Mar-2018


At first, SMA installation for others services are completed except Smart Analaytic Service as CPU insufficient. Then clone other VMs to reinstall, itsmaconfig page hanging with message Initialize Data Loading...


Trigger the SMA Suite installation with mixed mode scn 1 - SMA-SM without Service Management and UCMDB.

According to the Hardware sizing recommendations below

Confirm the environment meet the Hardware requirement of Mixed mode(Scenario 1)


Extra Small
Master node
4 CPU, 8GB RAM, 200 GB Disk (including 100 GB thin pool)
Worker node
8 CPU, 32GB RAM, 200 GB Disk (including 100 GB thin pool)


At first, the installation for others services are completed except "Smart Analaytic Service", analyticimage.log notes “CPU insufficient"
Then, clone other VMs to reinstall, this time, suite installed successfully, no smart analytic issues, but the itsmaconfig page could not be load up, hanging with message "Initialize Data Loading..."


Around 30 VMs were created on the same hardware across 4 hosts

The important lines of Hardware sizing recommendations

1) Avoid CPU overcommitment when creating virtual machines. In other words, you must make sure that the total number of CPU cores configured for your VMs does not exceed the physical CPU cores.
2) For Processor type, Intel Xeon E5, E7 or peers are suggested. For Processor speed, Demo/test environment is suggested to have a processor frequency higher than 1.9 GHz, while for production environment, the processor frequency is suggested to be at least 2.3 GHz. Higher speed will certainly bring in performance improvements.
3) The suggested hardware resources are dedicated for the SMA suite without sharing with other product lines.

Need to Comfirm the required hardware (CPU, RAM, Disk) are dedicated for the SMA suite

If there are too many VM's running on the hardware it limits the overall CPU allotment to each of the VM's and the 4 cores are then not providing enough computing power.  The sizing guide is a recommendation and due to the number and load of the shared VM's will not meet the needs of every environment.



Increase the master hardware from 4 CPU to 8 CPU, 16 GB RAM to 32 GB RAM. No need to uninstall the suite.