%OO_HOME%\central\liboosh*.jar OOSH trigger producing "out of range of int" error when runID > 2,147,483,647

  • KM03108517R
  • 01-Mar-2018
  • 01-Mar-2018

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Numeric value out of range of integer data type.


Using OOSH on a Linux server to trigger flows on a Windows OO server. All of the sudden, all the launches have the error below:

"Command failed java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot parse response body: Numeric value (2156536184) out of range of int at [Source: [B@4f1bfe23; line: 1, column: 21]
Command failed java.lang.IllegalStateException: Script execution aborted"

Since the id value 2156536184 is greater than the java "int" max value of 2147483647, there is an error caused somewhere in the OOSH code.


  • Apply hotfix from https://quixy.swinfra.net/quixy/query/detail.php?ISSUEID=QCIM8C32858
  • The Hotfix needs to be applied on every place where OOSH is used, that is, Central server and Destination server.
    Path on Central server to replace the jar file that comes with the hotfix is: %OO_HOME%\central\lib
  • The file to replace on the Central server is the one named: oosh*.jar