Citrix Xen Discovery details

  • KM03106100
  • 28-Feb-2018
  • 28-Feb-2018


We want to run a Citrix Xen Discovery and we have some questions as the documentation is not very detailed.


It is mentioned in the prerequisites:
"Ensure that the target XenServer opens Citrix XenServer Management API."
ref. to:

Question1: Is this API opened in each individual XenServer? Or is this opened in the XenCenter which manages all XenServers?
Question2: Are there any specific permissions that the API user must have? There are no permissions mentioned in the respective discovery jobs (Citrix Xen Connection & Citrix Xen Topology), as is usually the case with other types of jobs.
ref. to page 163:


Answer1: The API should be opened on the target XenServer, the XenServer which customer would like to discover.
Answer2: There is not any specific permissions required. The job only requires permission to read Host(including PBD, PIF, CPU, VMs etc.), VMAppliance, SR, Network etc.