How to turn off auto re-discovery of select nodes within NNMi ?

  • KM03102730
  • 26-Feb-2018
  • 08-Jun-2021


This article details the steps to disable NNMi's auto rediscovery on seleted nodes and configure a scheduled job to poll the said nodes at a specific time of the day.


Factors like (but not limited to) high CPU/Memory utilization on the device side or high network traffic during business hours may impact the SNMP responsiveness of the device side SNMP agent. As such, if the NNMi auto-rediscovery of the device coincides with the SNMP agent’s responsiveness issue then it’s likely that the rediscovery attempt will fail, rendered incomplete or at minimum require multiple retries at rediscovering the said node.

Such situations may advocate turning off NNMi’s auto-discovery for these select few nodes and instead schedule a manual discovery at a more appropriate time of the day (example- Off business hours) when the device SNMP Agent and the network bandwidth are available and responsive.


Note - With auto-rediscovery turned-off on these select nodes, any device side hardware/configuration change will be picked up by NNMi during the next scheduled/manual re-discovery.

Steps to disable auto-discovery of select nodes within NNMi :

a. Ensure that the NNMi version in use is supported and updated to the latest patch level.

    note - This feature is available starting NNMi v10.10 patch-4                (#as of March 2018, this feature is limited to v10.10 only)

b. Create the manualdisco.txt file under $NNMI_DATA/shared/nnm/conf/disco/ directory

    On Windows : %NNMi_DATA%\shared\nnm\conf\disco\
    On Linux : $NNMI_DATA/shared/nnm/conf/disco/

c. Identify the nodes wherein auto-discovery needs to be disabled and capture the Node ID of these nodes from NNMi UI -> Inventory -> Node details -> ‘Registration’ tab

       image text

d. Edit the manualdisco.txt file created in step-b to add the Node IDs. Add a new entry for each Node ID on a separate line. Then save the changes made to this file.

    image text

e. NNMi services will need to be restarted in order for the entries in manualdisco.txt to be read.

f. Next, users may opt to either manually config poll these devices or schedule a CRON job to poll these nodes at a specific time of the day.

   #nnmnoderediscover.ovpl –node <node_name>

   note : nnmnoderediscover.ovpl places node(s) into the NNMi discovery queue. The amount of time before the node starts discovery is dependent on how long NNMi takes to get to the node in the queue.
             If the node is already in the discovery queue, it is not added again.