Login to Connected Reporting Service fails

  • KM03101536
  • 23-Feb-2018
  • 23-Feb-2018

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Login to CRS can only succeed for Technician users who have been granted the Reporting Service permission.


For any technician account to successfully login to the Connected Reporting Service Web Console (CRSWC) the technician must meet the requirements documented in the Connected® Reporting Services Administration Guide .




 Excerpt from the Connected® Reporting Services Administration Guide


Technician Account Requirements

CRS requires technicians to sign in using native, enterprise directory, or single-sign on (SSO) Connected Backup account credentials. Each technician account must meet the following requirements:

Have the Reporting Services permission enabled for the Connected Backup Technician account through the Connected Backup Support Center application.

Have the same type of credentials (native, enterprise directory, or SSO) on each cluster that the technician account has Reporting Services permission.

For technician accounts with native or enterprise directory account credentials:

Have a unique e-mail address within a cluster and use the same address in each cluster to which the account has access.

Use the same account password for each Connected Backup cluster to which the account has access.

If a technician attempts to sign in with an account that does not use the same password across all clusters, the application does not authenticate the account. Instead, it displays the list of clusters to which the account has access and identifies which of them do not use the password that the technician entered. The technician must manually update the account password in those clusters, and then sign in to the CRSWC site again.

To sign in to CRSWC, technicians with native or enterprise directory credentials enter their email and password on the standard CRSWC Sign In page. This page also contains a Sign In with SSO link that SSO-enabled technicians use to access their corporate Sign In page, which is where they enter their credentials.