PPM Purge Login not showing in Internet Explorer 11

  • KM03095942
  • 15-Feb-2018
  • 15-Feb-2018


PPM Purge Link not showing in IE or showing blank screen


When trying lo lauch PPM Purge Tool, the system is showing the following:

Please check the server log to look for following error messages:

a- Blank screen:  
     (No showing erros)

b- Showing errors:
      ...HTTP ERROR 403.
      ...Problem accessing /. Reason:  Forbidden.


New enconding on Internet Explorer:

PPM is certified to work with IE 11 yet, Microsoft added a new feature on document mode that is not yet certified with PPM – Via X-UA-Compatible meta tag, this feature is not required for PPM to work yet the browser is requesting as mandatory causing the issue


Note:  The behavior has been detected after reviewing the full configuration on Purge Tool as instructed in the documented guide.


The browser (IE) works in combination with the Document mode for this feature changing automatically the default values depending on the local machine.

This could be confirmed by lauching Debug mode under Emulation Tab on IE.


There are two possible ways to go:

1-  Having and NLB or External Web Server into the environment configuration:  Removing reverse proxy feature configuration, PPM does not requiere this setup.

2-  Local Machine Browser configuration:

- Open IE, press F12 key to activate debbuing mode

- Select Emulation Tab

- Review the Document mode (By default Edge should be value)

- Try to show Purge Login screen

- When showing, try selecting 10 value or ultimately 5 and let me know how that’s work for you.

Note: Upcoming new versions on PPM will have additional setup to prevent the issue from showing.