ALM Components

  • KM03088636
  • 06-Feb-2018
  • 06-Feb-2018

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


How to clean and install the ALM Components used by QTP/UFT/Sprinter


In case there is a connection issue between QTP/UFT/Sprinter and ALM/QC server, this should be done in client as first troubleshooting steps:



  • Close UFT.
  • Open %temp%\TD_80 folder in File explorer and clear it´s content.
  • You can skip this step in case of didn’t find the folder


  • Use the ALM Client Components Cleanup.exe tool to clear ALM components on your problematic machine.
  • Open the tool and click on Cleanup button. Accept the message received.


  • Install the ALM components:
    • Open Internet Explorer as Administrator
    • Go to your QC/ALM server qcbin page
    • Click on Tools
    • Click on Register HP QC/ALM
    • On finish close the browser
  • Open UFT (run as Administrator) and login to ALM
  • This step just need to be performed once.