SAM BP Package not listing connections

  • KM03085002
  • 01-Feb-2018
  • 01-Feb-2018

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Customer is trying to install SAM BP package and it is not listing connections from AM 9.6 amdb.ini file.


Customer is trying to install SAM BP package and it is not listing connections from AM 9.6 amdb.ini file. It is expecting the amdb.ini file to be present under programdata/hp folder instead of programdata/hpe folder.


1- Locate amdb.ini files on the machine.
- Open Asset Manager windows client, and select Help > About Asset Manager from the menu.
- Click on the More button
- Look for "Definition file for Asset Manager connections (System)" and "Definition file for Asset Manager connections (User)" entries that indicate where amdb.ini files are located.
Verify amdb.ini files:
- Check under the name of your database (Example: [AMDemo93en]) for the line that starts with "AmApiDll="
- This should point to the correct version of the API dll file.
Example: AmApiDll=C:\\Program Files\\HP\\Asset Manager 9.30 en\\bin\\aamapi93.dll
If the issue is not with amdb.ini files, consider enabling adblogging on AM API and AM import tool.
2- Locate aamapixx.ini (aamapi93.ini for AM9.3x and aamapi52.ini for AM5.2x), and amimpl.ini file under %Appdata%\\HP\\AssetManager\\conf. If you don't see the files, create them.
Add the following to each file and save.
To aamapixx.ini:
/AdbLog/AdbLogFileName=C:\\Program Files\\HP\\Logs\\aamapi_adblog.log
To amimpl.ini:
/AdbLog/AdbLogFileName=C:\\Program Files\\HP\\Logs\\amimpl_adblog.log
<**NOTE: /AdbLog/AdbLogFileName= must point to an existing directory. File name can be anything**>
3- Run SAM Best Practices Package installer and refer to the adblogs.
Or they can try to re-install Asset Manager in the computer where they cannot get the connections when they try to install SAM/SLO.