Click Search button in Search Knowledgebase get pop up Information "No records find"

  • KM03084649
  • 01-Feb-2018
  • 01-Feb-2018


Upgrade SM from 9.33 to 9.41, do a true search in Search Knowledgebase, get message "No records found."


Go to System Navigator > Knowledge Management > Search Knowledgebase > click Search, get message "No records found.".


After upgrade SM from 9.33 to 9.41, the "Search button" is inactive, hence user cannot search any of the knowledge base.

Reuse KM02824108, on the, change Search Button ID property from 300 to 0, and the button is active, but when click on Search button, it get message "No records found.".


Rootcause: Process kmquery.submitsearch is not called when the GUI option of display option record is 0 by default
Workaround 1: Set the GUI option of display option from 0 to 310, and update the Search Button ID in fd record from 0 to 310.
Workaround 2: Search the States record, confirm the OOB Display Action line exist as below
Display Action: search
Process Name: kmquery.submitsearch
Condition: true