How to set Proxy Settings from ALM Excel Add-in

  • KM03079950
  • 24-Jan-2018
  • 24-Jan-2018


This article explains how Proxy Settings can be set from ALM Excel Add-in directly.


As of the latest ALM Excel Add-in version (12.55.1 for ALM 12.2x & ALM 12.55) it is possible to set the Proxy Settings directly from the Microsoft Exel -ALM Add-in's interface.


Default configuration is using Internet Expolrer's connection settings. In specific situation ( using proxy authentication or multiple proxy servers) a successuful connection to the ALM server might not be possible and this would require setting manually the proxy settings.
In case that no Proxy Server should be used, user should click on Show Proxy Settings button, then select Use a Proxy Server option and leave Proxy & Port fields empty.
Error message when the Add-in cannot connect to the ALM server because of incorrect proxy settings or wrong ALM connection string/URL:
"Unable to connect to the ALM server. Please check the server URL."