Polling Juniper devices for CPU Utilization via jnxOperatingCPU

  • KM03079864
  • 24-Jan-2018
  • 13-Feb-2018


From July'17/latest DDP onward, In NNMi 10.1x, 10.2x, 10.3x cpu1min and cpu5min OIDs have been disabled from polling via the CPU monitoring policy for Juniper devices as it was giving wrong values resulting to false alerts in NNMi


In Network Node Manager (NNMi) after the installation of the July-2017 DDP it will be observed that NNMi no longer polls for the metric cpu1min & cpu5min. Furthermore, this behaviour extends to all DDPs starting the July 2017 release.

Currently to check CPU utilization using the Juniper Networks enterprise chassis MIB, the following OID is being polled :-

  jnxOperatingCPU (OID - or .


To counter the known issue reported in the following Change Request, the Device Driver Packs (DDP) release starting July-17 are designed to update the CPU monitoring policy for Juniper devices to poll only jnxOperatingCPU metrics and disable polling of the CPU LoadAvg metrics.


Reference to the change request:-



So currently to check the CPU utilization as a percentage, 'jnxOperatingCPU' metrics is polled :-




 Since CPU LoadAvg utilization value sometimes goes above 100% resulting false alerts in NNMi so below OIDs have been disabled in polling policy:-


      jnxOperating1MinLoadAvg   .

   jnxOperating5MinLoadAvg   .

   jnxOperating15MinLoadAvg  .    



This change will extend to NNMi versions 10.1x , 10.2x & 10.3x.

If the user intends to monitor CPU Average Load then Custom Poller can be engaged to poll for the CPU LoadAvg OIDs as mentioned above.


Reference -

KM article depicting the issue from Juniper:-

Link to Download latest DDPs for NNMi:-

*DDP -> Device Driver Packs