OMW integration with OMi

  • KM03069196
  • 09-Jan-2018
  • 09-Jan-2018

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These are the location sfor the xml files that we need to use to troubleshoot a problem integrating OMW with OMi. We will need to use the "startInitialSync.bat" file.the .xml files that OM generates and contain the topology information so we can compared it against the cmdb.reconciliation.log files. The customer needs to run the startInitialSync.bat tool but first change comment the following lines: Lines 65 to 68, from: "%TMP%\stdsync.xml" "%TMP%\stdsync_proc.xml" "%TMP%\modelsync.xml" "%TMP%\modelsync_proc.xml" To: #DEL "%TMP%\stdsync.xml" #DEL "%TMP%\stdsync_proc.xml" #DEL "%TMP%\modelsync.xml" #DEL "%TMP%\modelsync_proc.xml" Save the file and then using an elevated cmd prompt run: "%OvBinDir%\startInitialSync.bat" The files will be written to: %OvDataDir%\tmp with the same name as the commented ones above