Troubleshooting ALM license sharing with Octane

  • KM03064147
  • 01-Jan-2018
  • 09-Oct-2019


What to check when license sharing between ALM and Octane does not work


Starting from version 12.55.4, it is possible to share licenses for Octane in ALM.

Customers whose trial period in Octane has ended and have a working ALM environment with sufficient licenses, can allocate some of their available licenses to Octane. This is an alternative to procuring and deploying stand-alone Octane license.

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Sharing licenses between ALM and Octane requires exact following of the instructions in the online documentation. However, if sharing still does not work, please verify the following points:


  1. Verify that ALM is of supported version. Currently 12.21 and 12.55 are supported. Version 12.53 is supported with [LabelStart][LabelEnd]. Any other version - need to upgrade ALM first before license sharing
  2. Make sure the special project for Octane in ALM.NET is defined properly (in the form of DOMAIN/PROJECT) and without spelling mistakes in OCTANE_INTEGRATION_PROJECT_NAME site parameter
  3. There is connectivity between Octane and ALM, i.e. Octane is able to reach ALM via http/s.
  4. The user defined in octane.yml is indeed a valid user in ALM and it has project admin access to the special project for Octane
  5. This integration user should have a password defined
  6. If curl is installed, then you may check the connectivity and login using this command – just replace with actual server and user data:

curl -X POST \

  http://<alm-address:port>/qcbin/authentication-point/alm-authenticate \

  -H 'cache-control: no-cache' \

  -H 'content-type: application/xml' \

  -d '<alm-authentication>




  1. (optional) If ALM is installed in secure environment (uses https), deploy proper certificates on the Octane server side.
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