Unable to install Operations Agent on HP-UX due to errors in fileset dependency

  • KM03045299
  • 13-Dec-2017
  • 13-Dec-2017

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Operations Agent 11.14, applicable to Operations Agent on all versions, OS type HP-UX


During installation of the Operations Agent 11.14 via the installation media for a HP-UX 11.31 node, the following errors may be sees during the ./oainstall.sh installation


* Reading source for file information.

NOTE: The filesystems in the filesystem table will not be checked

against those currently mounted because the

"mount_all_filesystems" option is set to "false".

* The software "HPOvEa.HPOVEAAGT,l=/,r=11.11.000" is not in the

correct state (AVAILABLE, INSTALLED, or CONFIGURED). You will

need to recopy, reinstall or configure this software before

operating on software that depends on it.

The prerequisite "HPOvEa.HPOVEAAGT,fr>=11.11.025" for fileset

"HPOvEa.HPOVOPSAGT,l=/,r=11.11.000" cannot be successfully


ERROR: The dependencies for fileset

"HPOvEa.HPOVOPSAGT,l=/,r=11.11.000" cannot be resolved (see

previous lines).

You must resolve the above dependencies before operating on

this fileset or change the "enforce_dependencies" option to



* Summary of Analysis Phase:

ERROR: Exclude HPOvEa.HPOVOPSAGT,l=/,r=11.11.000

ERROR: 1 of 1 filesets had Errors.

ERROR: The Analysis Phase had errors. See the above output for



or similarly

       * Beginning Analysis
       * Session selections have been saved in the file
       * "node:/":  There will be no attempt to mount
         filesystems that appear in the filesystem table.
ERROR:   "node:/":  The software dependencies for 1 products or
         filesets cannot be resolved.
       * The analysis phase failed for "node:/".
       * Analysis had errors.


This is caused by software packages of different versions alrady being available on the node.

Remove the packages manually and then proceeded to install the agent via oainstall.sh.

1. To check on all installed agent packages please run

            swlist -l fileset | grep HPOv

2. Checking the above, please proceed to remove any existing packages with the below commands in this exact order. Also note that if there are any packages that include a patchnumber like for example the agent 11.14 package “HPOvEaAgt-OAHPUX_00032.HPOVEAAGT”, they need to be removed first. You need to use the "swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false" command in order to remove the packages successfully :

Remove in this order
swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false HPOvEa.HPOVOPSAGT
swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false HPOvEa.HPOVEAAGT
swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false HPOvEa.HPOVAGTLC
swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false HPOvPerf.HPOVPERFAGT
swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false HPOvPerf.HPOVGLANC
swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false HPOvPerf.HPOVPERFMI
swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false HPOvAcc.HPOVPERLA
swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false HPOvPerf.HPOVPACC
swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false HPOvLcore.HPOVCONF
swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false HPOvLcore.HPOVDEPL
swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false HPOvLcore.HPOVCTRL
swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false HPOvLcore.HPOVSECCC
swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false HPOvLcore.HPOVBBC
swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false HPOvLcore.HPOVSECCO
swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false HPOvLcore.HPOVXPL 
3. Install the agent using the oainstall.sh command

./oainstall.sh -i -a -s management server -cs certificate server