When NA is giving HttpStatusCode:403/404 errors

  • KM03024575
  • 27-Nov-2017
  • 30-Jan-2018


Known Issues and Support Tips to follow When NA is giving 403/404 errors when it is accesing to the application page.


Start talking about errors like "Page not found" and common situation when page is not displayed after a NA update process or when any change in the system is performed(outside or inside the application settings).

There are many instances the 403/404 error page is being observed in jboss_wrapper.log, the most common reasons for this is that may be a link on site is being wrong or the page has been recently removed from the site, although must be taken into account client could communicate to the server.

Going a back to those particular situation I want to give more details and taking into consideration previous recommendations and suggestions.

  • First we need to verify the NA services and Truecontrol Management Engine status to confirm it is started or if there is a situation with specific service itseft.

Based on this situation when customer changed to use a different IPs that they no longer used more. We must be sure to change the IP in the our NA configuration files 

When we migrated to use a new IP we would need to changed this option name="connect/AppServerURL"  in "appserver.rcx" with the proper ip address and "jnp port".

Double check tis following IP from NA/jre/appserver.rcx:

<option name="connect/AppServerURL">x.x.x.x:1099</option>

Then restart the NA truecontrol after correcting.

*Note: It prevents NA client modules from finding NA java services components.

Also I found previous cases some problems and defects reported and engineering suggest to fix these issues shipping a new connect.pm.

New connect module become mandatory to upgrade the Expect module because it was throwing some compilation errors related to version dependency.

In Addition to similar situation and know issues if this option is wrong some NA monitors and NNM integration will not work.

In case you can not resolve this issue with above recommendations, you can feel free to create a case with support for further investigation.


Here are some references of similar cases and their respective QCCR numbers to give a greater detail:

  • QCCR1B114917 - 9.22 Patch installer doesn't preserve original appserver.rcx "connect/AppServerURL" setting
  • QCCR1B132637 - Error observed in jboss_wrapper.log after upgrading to 10.10 in a different system