Operations Orchestration (OO): Change default time zone for Scheduler

  • KM03001607
  • 01-Nov-2017
  • 21-May-2021


Change default time zone for Scheduler


How to change the default time zone for the Scheduler?


OO uses by default the time zone of the user’s web browser and not the time zone where the OO server is installed.  OO automatically selects just the time component and not the string that follows.  When scheduling a flow, select the time zone where the user is located.  Note: Time zones around the world are expressed as positive or negative offsets from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).  When you create a schedule, a time zone is selected by default from the alphabetically-ordered list that is currently available. HPE OO selects the first time zone from the list that has the offset equal to the client offset (computed with daylight savings if relevant).  Note that this time zone might not be geographically correct. For example if you are located in a location where the time zone is UTC-09.00, the default time zone will be America/Anchorage. If desired, you can select the geographically correct location from the Timezone list.