Configure SMTP

  • KM03001605
  • 01-Nov-2017
  • 01-Nov-2017

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Configure SMTP to send alerts mail


Hello Support,
SMTP is not working, I checked the logs and I found failed due to authorization but can't know which authorization they mean.
I hope if we fix this solution as soon as possible.


After setting-up a SMTP server with user authentication, I was able to verify that OBA
03.01 Alerts are working as expected. If a wrong user or password is specified, the user
verification fails and the SMTP server returns "535 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed:
authentication failure". If the user name and password are correct, Alerts are sent per
mail as expected.
It seems that the user 'opsatenantadmin' is not set up as a valid user on the SMTP
server to send mails.
- Is the OBA host allowed to send mails to the SMTP server?
- Is the user '=opsatenantadmin=' a valid user and allowed to send mails?