Vertica DNS Failover for OpsA

  • KM02987205
  • 11-Oct-2017
  • 11-Oct-2017

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


Supported method of Vertica Failover for Opsa / OBA


Vertica documentation ( mentions two Failover options:

·         Using DNS Failover

·         Using the Backup Host List


However, OpsA / OBA only supports the DNS Failover

DNS Failover: when Vertica connection is made to a hostname, the DNS needs to return a list of IPs, but the connection string doesn’t need to be changed to add backup nodes. When DNS returns a list of IPs, the driver will go through the list to find the first connectible nodes. Further information can be found in Vertica documentation:

Another option is to use Load Balancer on Vertica

Load Balancer: Native Load Balancing is one of the methods proposed by Vertica. It's like ODBC or JDBC driver, the customer could apply any other Load Balancer such as F5, Big IP and it should work.