Probe fails to send scanned data to server due to discovery of unlisted CPU model

  • KM02981702
  • 05-Oct-2017
  • 31-Oct-2017


DataFlowProbe fails to send a bulk to the UCMDB server if among the CIs sent there are CPUs which are not listed on the server side


In WrapperProbeGw.log & other DFP logs as well.

[ERROR] [JobExecuterWorker:Inventory Discovery by Scanner ] ( - Failed to send results bulk:received object of class 'cpu' has an attribute 'cpu_specifier' that has an invalid enum value. The value is:"XXX"
at com.hp.ucmdb.discovery.library.results.resultprocess.ResultProcessDataValidator.checkAttributes(


The CPU model is not listed in cpu_specifier_enum



Add a new "enumeration definition" in "cpu_specifier_enum" by navigating to:

UCMDB Java Applet / GUI/ > Modeling > CI Type Manager > CI Types > System Type Manager > edit "cpu_specifier_enum" > add a new entry for the CPU and assign a key that's not being used by already created entries.