SM: How to delete an interaction and all its related information

  • KM02953796
  • 16-Sep-2017
  • 16-Sep-2017


If we want to delete an itneraction,besides the interaction ticket itself, how to delete all other related information?


We can delete and interaction ticket by the following steps:

1. Open Database Manager tool in Tailoring
2. Search table name incidents and tick Administrator mode.
3. Select format
4. Search for your ticket ID then on the menu there will be a Delete button Delete button

After the above steps, the interaction ticket itself will be deleted, but all the other related information will still be remained.

If we want to delete a record completely, we also need to perform the following steps: delete activity:go to db,search activityservicemgt,select expert search from right menu,input interaction number, then click excute search.delete all records. delete attachment:go to db,search SYSATTACHMENTS,input interaction number in the Topic and search,delete all records. delete related reocrd:go to db,search screlation,input interaction number in the source,and search,delete all records. delete SLA:go to db,search sloresponse,run in administration mode,input interaction number in the Related ID,search,delete all records