Unable to install the Advanced web VMware GRE plug-in on DP10.0

  • KM02926109
  • 23-Aug-2017
  • 23-Aug-2017


Failed to install Advanced web GRE plug-in


During Advanced web VMware GRE plug-in installation when I attempt to check the box "Advanced GRE Web Plug-in" and click Apply, I get pop-up with message :
"Advanced GRE Web Plug-in registration is in progress.".
When I click "OK", i get another pop-up with error :
"VMWare GRE agent host not found in Cell Manager to register Advanced GRE Web Plug-in".


Reason for failure is because Cell Manager is on HP-UX system !!!
In DP10.0 you cannot implement VMware GRE solution were Cell Manager is HP-UX system - CM can be on Windows or Linux system only !


Implement the solution were Cell Manager on Windows or Linux system .