Change <LAB_PROJECT> DataBase Name

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  • 01-Aug-2017
  • 01-Aug-2017

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


Change DataBase Name


Change <LAB_PROJECT> database name, to any other name.


Change the <LAB_PROJECT> DataBase Name 

You can certainly change the LAB_PROJECT database name (default_lab_project_db) to any name you wish, but you would need to have some considerations to avoid any inconvenience because this name is referenced in some files which ALM needs.

Basically this process is very easy, in this order you must:

1. Remove the LAB_PROJECT Project (from the Lab Management Tab)
2. Change the DB Name directly from the DB Server
3. Change the reference name which resides into the dbid.xml file
4. Import the dbid.xml file, with the new DB Name (formerly called default_lab_project_db)

1. Remove the LAB_PROJECT
Go to Site Admin
From the Lab Management Tab, right click on <LAB_PROJECT>
Select Remove & OK

2. Change default DB Name
From the SQL Server by clicking over the DB and hitting F2 in your keyboard. At this point you may face and issue as the DB may be Open, so this means it´s in use. To close the connection first, do the following:

Stop de ALM Service (this only step should let you change the DB Name)
Once you do this, you will lost the name reference which is already in the Lab Project Repository where you can find the <dbid.xml>, so you would need to modify the file now. This file contains all the information related to the string connection, DB Name, DB Type, Password and others. Remember that every Lab Project has its own Repository Folder, just like any ALM project.

3. Change de DBID.XML file
Usually the default path is <C:\\ProgramData\\HP\\ALM\\repository\\qc\\Default\\LAB_PROJECT>
Delete and change the default name by the new one you wish <newname_lab_project_db> and then save the file.

4. Import the DBID.XML file
After importing the file, you must Start the HP ALM Service again.
Go to Services and hit Start over <HP Application Lifecycle Management>
Go to Site Admin and Import back the file, which is located in <C:\\ProgramData\\HP\\ALM\\repository\\qc\\Default\\LAB_PROJECT>.
(Remember this file has the new name now)
Hit on the Green Arrow to Import the file & follow the instructions.
Search & Locate the file “C:\\ProgramData\\HP\\ALM\\repository\\qc\\Default\\LAB_PROJECT”
Once you do this, you have completed the process.
Take a look into the Site Admin, you must see the new name here.
Ping the Project just to be sure. 

Consult the ALM Lab Management Guide 12.53, from the Official HPE Site.