UFT does not record iOS app

  • KM02895513
  • 31-Jul-2017
  • 31-Jul-2017


iOS app can be installed by UFT but it can't record the AUT


There is no error message, UFT does not record the iOS app even it was installed sucessfuly.



iOS app can be installed by UFT but it can't be recorded.

This is caused by JS files missing into AUT, once iOS app was packaged using HPMCEnabler, somehow the JS files were not injected in to AUT.

It can be seen in following screenshot.

image text

iOS app can be extracted using 7-Zip sofware it is free download.


Ensure that following files existing at \HPMCEnabler\HybridJS\ios

  • uft.mobilecenter.agent.12.xx.min.js
  • uft.mobilecenter.agent.12.xx.min.js.sig
  • uft.sap.mobilecenter.agent.12.xx.min.js
  • uft.sap.mobilecenter.agent.12.xx.min.js.sig

Once the AUT is being packaged by HPMCEnabler we have to ensure the files exist.

 image text