How to add the NV 9.12 SSL certificates

  • KM02892542
  • 26-Jul-2017
  • 07-Aug-2017


Adding the NV Test Manager and NV Server SSL certificates.


The SSL certificates of the NV Test Manager and NV Server are self-signed.  Therefore, when opening the NV Test Manager and NV Server in a browser, an SSL warning appears.

In order to eliminate the warnings, the following needs to be done:

Test Manager:

Go to this page:

Follow the step #3 under the Install "NV Test Manger".

These steps the automated with the command:

certutil.exe -addstore -enterprise -f -v root  "hpenv.cer"

The hpenv.cer file can be found under the default C:\Program Files\HPE\NV\conf folder.


NV Server:

If the NV Test Manager was installed using the NV Server, then the NV Server certificate also needs to be installed.

To add the certificate to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities:

  1. Start the NV Test Manager
  2. When the certificate warning is displayed, select to proceed.
  3. When the red certificate warning appears in the address bar, click on the warning.
  4. Select View certificate > Install Certificate.
  5. Select Place Certificate in the following store and then click Browse.
  6. Select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities".
  7. Select OK > Next > Finish.