UCMDB ASM: Inaccessible network path to target server. Perhaps it is a virtual IP address.

  • KM02863189
  • 18-Jul-2017
  • 18-Jul-2017


The error "Inaccessible network path to target server’ usually means the virtual IP of not-discovered Load balancer.


The following error appear in ‘host_discovery_by_shell’ job within ASM:
 <log start="14:30:25" severity="debug">Reporting error code 252 to framework.</log>
 <log start="14:30:25" severity="debug">Error message is: Inaccessible network path <ip address> to target server. Perhaps it is a virtual IP address.</log>


This error usually means that the discovery reached the virtual IP address of unknown load balancer.


The load balancers should be discovered outside of ASM (Automated Service Modeling) before running ASM discovery, there’s no way to discover them from virtual IP.