Receiving connection problem with VIM protocol after 10.30 to 10.32 update

  • KM02858421
  • 11-Jul-2017
  • 11-Jul-2017


Receiving connection malfunction with VIM due to problem with the automatic DFP update


After updating from UCMDB 10.30 to 10.32 the VMWare by VIM discovery jobs were receiving errors in GUI  "<< Progress message, Severity: Error>> Failed to connect to remote process: details:"

The communicaiton log of the VIM jobs indicate no errors, lists only the connection to the hosts while in the probe logs the following stacktraces can be observed:

in RemoteProcesses.log "[RemoteProcess.ConsoleInputStreamReader] (?:?) - Failed to read output from remote process for worker JobExecuterWorker:VMware ESX Connection by VIM Stream closed"
in WrapperProbeGW.log "[ERROR] [Dashboard Thread] ( - Probe sending request to server failed - Some error occurred (Check if the server is up)"


Re-installation of the DFP while keeping the configuraiton files solves the issue.