TruClient Web on Firefox and NV

  • KM02857764
  • 10-Jul-2017
  • 10-Jul-2017


Error appears when running TruClient Web on Firefox and NV, generating report


When running a test with TruClient Web on Firefox and NV, or replaying a TruClient Web script on Firefox in VuGen when the option to generate NV Analytics report is enabled, the following error appears:

 following error appears:
  TypeError: targetFactory is undefinedundefinedWhile calling handlers in TC.NS:RuleEngine dispatch, event=[TC_NS.Event type=”TC.startTrackingTabEvents” target=”[object Object]”], handler=
  Function (e) {“use strict”;
               If (!tabListenerInst) {
                              tabListenerInst = new TabListener();
   } Snapshot Info [MSH undefined 0] [MsgId: MERR-208177]


1. Download this hotfix

2. Copy the user.js file to these folders:

 a. <lr installation dir>\dat\FFProfile

 b. %appdata%\Hewlett-Packard\LoadRunner\Web2\FFProfile

3. Open the script in VuGen, select Develop Script (no need to make any changes), and close and save the script.