Support Matrices for DP 10.0x

  • KM02851981R
  • 30-Jun-2017
  • 29-Oct-2018

This document is under revision.


This document enlists the Support Matrices for Data Protector 10.0x updated in January 2018.


For 10.03 and later, the support matrix can be found on (Install -> Support Matrix)
Support Matrix:Whats New/Change Log WhatsNew_ChangeLog_SptMtx_DP10.0x.pdf
Support Matrix: Device Device_Support_Matrix_DP10.0x.pdf
Support Matrix: EMC EMC_SupportMatrix_DP10.0x.pdf
Support Matrix: HP3PAR HP3PAR_SupportMatrix_DP10.0x.pdf
Support Matrix: Disaster Recovery HPDR_SupportMatrix_DP10.0x.pdf
Support Matrix: Enterprise Virtual Array HPEVA_SMIS_SupportMatrix_DP10.0x.pdf
Support Matrix: XP HPXP_SupportMatrix_DP10.0x.pdf
Support Matrix: Network Attached Storage NAS_Support_Matrix_DP10.0x.pdf
Support Matrix: Platforms Integrations Platform_Integrtn_SptMtx_DP10.0x.pdf
Support Matrix: Virtualization Support Virtualization_Support_Matrix_DP10.0x.pdf
Support Matrix: VSS Integration VSS_SupportMatrix_DP10.0x.pdf
Support Matrix: ZDB_Non-HP_Storage_SupportMatrix ZDB_non-HP_Storage_SupportMatrix_DP10.0x.pdf