Query about parameter sqldictrecord

  • KM02851497
  • 30-Jun-2017
  • 30-Jun-2017


To clear the usage of query about parameter sqldictrecord.


Regarding parameter sqldictrecord,it is described in online help as below:


This parameter defines the name of the RDBMS column where a valid HP Service Manager database dictionary record resides. You only need to specify this parameter if you are using the sqldictionary parameter and you are also using a column other than scprop.

But in fact, we cannot find a column named "scprop".


We have checked this query with lab, the answer is as follows:

Scprop does not exit any more.
And the default value now is  “DESCRIPTOR”, and it is  constant, and cannot be modified.
So we cannot specify sqldictrecord  to modify its default value “DESCRIPTOR” any more. 
Also, if we do not specify sqldictrecord in sm.ini,  its default value "DESCRIPTOR" will be effective automatically. 

QCCR1E139815  has been created to address this to update the related document.