ControlPoint5.4 - Documentum Repository - Analysis by Age

  • KM02835690
  • 26-Jun-2017
  • 26-Jun-2017

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How to perform analysis by age on documentum repositories


When a documentum repository is indexed into ControlPoint - "analysis by age" function won't work out of the box.
As a result customers can't utilize this feature.


Reason for this behavior is that the dates that come from Documentum are called:
a) r_acccess_date
b) r_modified_date

And so a lua script that's used by the Documentum Framework service to perform metadata conversion "ProcessDocument.lua" needs to support those two dates as well and they should be transformed to:

The format should be EpochSeconds. So the suggested approach is:
1) Navigate to Documentum Framework\lua\processDocument.lua and put those 2 lines at the bottom of processDocument() function - just before the "end" statement:

local accessedDateValue = document:getFieldValue("r_access_date", false)
local newAccessedDateValue = convertDateTimeToEpochSecs(accessedDateValue, "M+/D+/YYYY H+:N+:SS #PM")
document:setFieldValue("AU_REPOSITORY_LASTACCESSEDDATE_EPOCHSECONDS", newAccessedDateValue)

local modifiedDateValue = document:getFieldValue("r_modify_date", false)
local newmodifiedDateValue = convertDateTimeToEpochSecs(modifiedDateValue, "M+/D+/YYYY H+:N+:SS #PM")
document:setFieldValue("AU_REPOSITORY_MODIFIEDDATE_EPOCHSECONDS", newmodifiedDateValue)

2) Then save and restart Documentum Framework Service
3) Perform a full re-scan of the repository
4) Run analysis on it and then "analysis by age" should also work