SiteScope - I would like to generate a direct address to Multiview -> Tags

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  • 31-May-2017
  • 31-May-2017


We’re working on creating an application availability dashboard that would be presentable on big screens and that wouldn’t need to be managed. This dashboard is to be presented to MY CUSTOMER as well as in multiple PARTNER locations all around the world. You can understand then that it’s not possible to provide a link, which is not leading to the proper dashboard directly. Now, as far as I understand the ER – it’s an enhancement request, that will be added to other ERs raised by other customers and/or HPE internal teams and will be considered in the next SiteScope release Considering the simplicity of our requirement, I would like to request some different way of handling it, that would allow us to finalize the dashboard topic as soon as possible and prove the SiteScope capabilities as one of HPE products that are going to be evaluated in the further stages of our project. Lack of such direct link is a real drawback that wasn’t even considered during the tool evaluation since it seemed so obvious...


Is there any way to get a direct link to a specific view in the Unified Console?

For instance - I have multiple monitors tagged and I would like to generate a direct address to Multiview -> Tags.


The current design of unified console (event console, multi-view) is one static URL with a dynamic content.

For both versions - java based (Up to 11.31) and HTML5 based (11.32 and onwards), it works the same way as per customers' experiences.

I have managed to find it manually and it works as per this example:




where "viewType=Tags" does the needful for seeing the view with tags filter applied.

*Clarification* - In order this static link to work, a successfull login is a prerequisite.

If you have not login initially,  this link  will redirect you to the default unified console URL, then a page refresh is required for the URL to work.

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