How to configure another user for launching terminal sessions in PC

  • KM02801118
  • 30-May-2017
  • 30-May-2017


Configure another user for launching terminal sessions instead of the PC user, when using "Create new terminal session"


Cannot create Terminal Sessions using "Create new terminal session" in Performance Center


PC user does not have Interactive Logon policy, cause it is a service account


Please do the following to use a different user to connect to the LG using terminal sessions feature:
1.      Open Controller on one of the PC hosts by running wlrun.exe from <PC host installation folder>\bin, please make sure to login in to the controller using the PC user account
2.      Click on the LGs button and add one of the LGs defined in LAB PROJECT(Lab Management)
3.      Configure the LG to use Terminal sessions to “Create new terminal session” using the required user for launching them
4.      Click on connect to the LG
5.      A file with a name in the form <logged on user in PC host>_<Load Generator machine name>_<user to login to the LG for terminal session>.rdp is created under %temp% of the logged in user
6.      Copy the above file to %windir%\temp and rename to <PC system user>_< Load Generator machine name>_<PC system user>.rdp
7.      Run a test in PC using the LG that was used above and verify that PC uses the required user.
8.      If the above succeed, replicate this file for all the LGs that will be used for terminal sessions, changing only the <Load Generator machine name> in the file name (should be deployed at %windir%\temp)