characters added by EUM

  • KM02797304
  • 22-May-2017
  • 22-May-2017

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characters added by EUM when adding an action when the string have white space and/or special characters


Requirement consisted on defining an action so the Action Description on the Session Analyzer report, show a matched value from the Action Details in addition to the name defined.
Problem faced was that when entering the strings to match, the text displayed by the Action Description Builder was changed from:
3 - Processing Code: Cardholder To Account Type Code


Identified that there is a known issue on 9.25 on which EUM does not allow the interpretation of some characters. In this particular scenario, the problematic characters were the space and colon.The fix for this issue was included on v9.26 IP2


Workaround which consists in:

1. Export the application on which the Action definitions are not working

2. Import the XML output file in 9.26 IP2

3. Add the required Action definitions into the application configuration

4. Export the modified application from 9.26 IP2.

5. Import the XML file into 9.25

The customer didn't have v9.26 IP2 environment so support provided the required extract from an exported XML file with solution so customer could make the changes on their correspondent application XMLfile. It was only after a BSM restart that the workaround worked succesfully.