SM, at webtier, the behavior on saving the space at the end of the line is different for different versions.

  • KM02791203
  • 10-May-2017
  • 10-May-2017


To KM record, at windows client, the space at the end of the line will always be saved. But at webtier when using IE, the behavior on saving the space at the end of the line is different for different versions.


1.At windows client,
   Knowledge Management=>Draft Documents=>Select Document Type: Reference Reference tab, input some characters, by add a space before change the line: 
    A1111 A2222(space) 
    B1111 B2222(space) 
    C1111 C2222 Save "Source" to check, we can see the space is at the end of the line, just coincident as what we have saved.
5.But this behavior is different at webtier for different versions.
6.At webtier 9.32, or versions before 9.32(9.31, 9.30), the behavior is the same as windows client, the space will be saved at the end of the line.
7. From webtier 9.33 and after 9.33(9.34, 9.35), the behavior has been changed, the space at the end of the line will be deleted after saving.

This only happen to IE, not happen to FireFox or Chrome.


According to lab, we are using a third-party component CKEditor in SM knowledge management.
Since there has been update to this CKEditor, which has changed the behavior on dealing with the space at the end of the line.
So this issue is not at SM side. We cannot make any fix at SM.

QCCR1E138768 has been opened to locate this issue.