Server Automation (SA): SA 10.5x installation failed with error "obtained empty pathDB"

  • KM02785343
  • 01-May-2017
  • 17-May-2021


During the installation of SA 10.5x, the following error is seen and the installation aborts. obtained empty pathDB from .


During the installation of a new core running 10.50, the following error was seen and the installation aborted.

Error: obtained empty pathDB from 
Component installation script encountered an error (exit status 1) 
Exiting Opsware Installer.


During the installation, SA attempts to contact various internal processes when attempting to
set up the Load Balancing Rules (LBR) used to spread SA work over the slices that belong to
the core.  If the installation script cannot reach these internal processes, then the error is seen
and the installation aborts.

The problem can be attributed to environmental variables that set up proxies that interfere with
the connection attempts.


Check for a /etc/environment file.  If its present, comment out any entries having to do with
"ftp_proxy", "http_proxy" or "https_proxy".  Login and logout.  Verify that the variables have
not been set again with a "env" command (they should not appear).  Reattempt the
script to see if the error is no longer encountered