CBT hang when "twist.protocol" is set to "https" in versions of SA prior to 10.5

  • KM02784115
  • 28-Apr-2017
  • 06-Apr-2021


Prior to version 10.5, CBT operations will hang if the CBT configuration parameter "twist.protocol" is set to "https".


CBT import or export operations hang unexpectedly.


Starting in Server Automation(SA) 10.5, the "Web Services Data Access Engine" (twist) component uses a different application server framework.  This new framework uses "https" as the "twist.protocol" in the CBT configuration file.  If you are working in an environment with a mix of SA meshes prior to version 10.5 and meshes at 10.5 or higher, then you need to be careful when copying a CBT configuration file from the higher version mesh to a lower version mesh.  A twist.protocol of "https" can cause CBT to hang indefinitely during operation on a SA mesh from before 10.5.



Make sure that the CBT configuration parameter "twist.protocol" is set to "t3s" for versions of SA prior to version 10.5.