At SM9.41, create interaction via CIT, event will not be processed correctly after uncheck "Process input events synchronously".

  • KM02777668
  • 18-Apr-2017
  • 18-Apr-2017


At SM9.41, if eventin record is processed synchronously, there will be no problem. But if we uncheck "Process input events synchronously", event will not be processed coreclty.


Reproducible out of box in SM9.41 OOB:

1. Login to SM 9.41 as an administrator.
2. Tailoring > Event Services > Registration
3. Search smin
4. Uncheck "Process input events synchronously".
5. Save and exit.
6. Then trick an event from CIT to create interaction.
7. The event will not be processed at SM side, and interaction will not be created.

The belowing errors will be printed at sm.log:
RTE E WOPEN パネルをバックグラウンドで実行することはできません。 (,open.window)
11:15:18  RAD E アプリケーション内の回復不可能なエラー。パネル open.window の
11:15:18  RAD E アプリケーション内の回復不可能なエラー。パネル call.init.process.1 の se.view.engine
11:15:18  RAD E アプリケーション内の回復不可能なエラー。パネル exit.error.msg の
RAD E Cannot execute application:


We need to do two steps to solve this issue.

Step one:
1. type gl in sm command box.
2. search  "Scheduled Event Types"
3. in more option, click "Rebuild Global List"
4. make sure smin in Display List
5. then kill and restart Event Service Process in System status.

After step one, eventin will be processed, but interaction creation will still be failed.

Step two:
1. open table "process", and search for "".
2. Uncheck "Run in Window?" option, then save.

After the above two steps, interaction will be created correctly.