Error importing Lotus Notes NSF files

  • KM02758268
  • 23-Mar-2017
  • 17-Dec-2018


This document outlines an error that occurs when attempting to Ingest Lotus Notes NSF files.


When ingesting Lotus Notes NSF files, after the source has completed ingestion, only 1 document will be ingested, the contents of the NSF will not be extracted.
Upon looking at the Source Details, the NSF file would have failed due to the following:
"DLL or shared library not found"
The Ingest Server's import.log will return a similar error:
Failed to open KV stream, DLL or shared library not found: \\PathToNSF


This is caused by the Ingest Server's inability to find nnotes.dll on the Ingest Server


To correct this issue, do the following:

1. Make sure the Lotus Notes client is installed on all Ingest Servers.
2. Open all Lotus Notes instances to clear any pop-ups that may prevent a file from being opened.
3. Update the system's "Path" environmental variable to include the path to the nnotes.dll file.  After making the change, restart the Ingest Server service and re-ingest the NSF file.
Note: Please make sure you are also using the 32-bit KeyVIew/Ingest Server combo if you have the Notes Client, as the Notes Client for Windows is 32 bit only.
You can use the 64/bit KeyView Ingest Server combo with Domino Server