How to enable Flash Player plugin on Truclient

  • KM02757312
  • 22-Mar-2017
  • 22-Mar-2017


This document describes the steps that should be followed in order to enable the Flash Player in Truclient Protocol.


The business procees at certain point launches a flash player but it is not being displayed.

3rd party plugins are not officially supported in TruClient, because interaction with the plugin content cannot be recorded, as it is not part of the DOM model (like Java applets, Flash and Silverlight).

In this case we will not able to record the actions inside the flash player.


It is possible to load the falsh player, remember no actions will be recorded.

You need to follow steps below:

  1. Open the script in TC FireFox
  2. In the navigation bar type about:config and accept the risk
  3. In the search box type: plugin.scan.plid.all
  4. Change the value of the key from false to true.
  5. Save the script
  6. Make sure that there is a user_modified_perfs.json file in the script directory that contain the following:
    • {

      "plugin.scan.plid.all": {

      "default": true,

      "locked": false,

      "value": true,

      "type": "Boolean"



  7. Reopen the script
  8. Replay - flash should be enabled